Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Loved once-Acrylic on Canvas-16 by 20

This old house is across from Fort Steele Heritage Park. It is slowing falling down to the ground. This winter with all the snow we have had, might be its last. We pass this old place ever time we go to town and I have always wondered who used to live there. I am sure whoever did loved this old place. A family was probably raised there and my quess would be that it was once filled with love and laughter. I hope your New Year is filled with family, love and laughter. Thanks for stopping by. Caroline


Dagmar said...

I love this Caroline, a big change from your wildlife art, but I am loving this!
Happy New Year, keep painting, you have such a talent and proud to call you my favorite sister that paints in Bull River❤

Nelvia said...

I too like this a lot. What a wonderful setting with the mountain as the backdrop. Don't you wonder about the stories this house could tell.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Post.
What a combination of mountain in the background. I really like it.