Wednesday, February 27, 2013

On The Ledge (Acrylic on Slate)Donation for GOABC

This piece will be auctioned off at the Guide and Outfitters convention in Kelowna on March 23 2013
This piece of slate had a perfect ledge to paint this dall sheep on. It was also wonderful to find a deer antler that worked great to fit as a stand for this painting.

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Dagmar said...

This is such a great painting..I hope the auction goes well and it raises a lot of money..Bravo to you for continuing to support the GOABC! Love the rock, looks like it has some wonderful color and texture in it.. your ability to capture this sheep is amazing Caroline, well done!

Nelvia said...

How clever your usage of the rock face to look like a ledge. As always this is wonderful and some lucky person will own this.

Leslie Cartwright said...

This is beautiful and I like that you have the rock cradled in an antler.

hmuxo said...

Your work is fantastic, Caroline!!
I'm so glad you visited my blog...Now I will be able to follow your work! I love that you paint on rocks...I have some pieces that I've done on rocks as well as wild mushrooms..some 6 -8 inches ..Art is all around us, right? Again, lovely work!!