Thursday, February 2, 2012

River Field Eagles-19x20 inches-(Sold)

Our friends have a lot of eagles at their river field property and asked me if I would do a painting for them.Their son Karl had packed this rock off the mountain for me in the early summer, so of course when I starting thinking about the painting I just had to use this special rock.

Thanks Karl,now I just hope your parents like it.

Thanks also to your parents for sharing their eagle photos.

Thanks to Kelly for the reference photo

check out her amazing birding blog

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TexWisGirl said...

it is beautiful! i'm sure they'll love it!!!

Nicole Kelly said...

Looks amazing Caroline! The detail is awesome! Hope i can see it when i come up!

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh...I love these!!!! The profile is fantastic, and I really like the front facing eagle too. You captured that eagle "look" perfectly in the eyes.

Dagmar said...

Hi my will love it..just all the details in the eagles as well as that special rock...It will look amazing in their home!
Well done!

Bren said...

absolutely stunning piece, you've captured their fierce elegance.

Nelvia said...

Your birds are beautiful and majestic and dominant, expect to see them take flight any moment. They are alive. Well done.

Nelvia said...

Me again, the more I look at this the more I see you did with the rock. Really like what you do.