Friday, February 10, 2012

Fall Colors-A donation for GOABC 2012 Auction(9.5x15.5)

A Mule Deer set against a backdrop of fall colors.

Acrylic on Slate.

This piece will be auctioned off for the Guide and Outfitters of British Columbia in Kelowna on March 30-31 2012.The stand is an antler which my husband Larry made to fit the rock...You have to love teamwork,I paint and he builds all the stands.Thanks to our friend Paul for bringing me this piece of slate.

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TexWisGirl said...

that is really beautiful!!! :)

Dagmar said...

What a great team..wish we were in Kelowna for that auction...It is really an amazing piece of art! Well done,

Nelvia said...

Love the stand, gives it so much. Great texture on the fur and the trees back drop is just right and gives it a great feel. Well done.

Kelly said...

...really cool, and the stand perfects it! I also like how you used the cut of the stone to position the deer (the deer's right antler being under the highest peak of the slate).

Bren said...

Perfection, someone is going to be a lucky owner. And the antlers for a stand, that just takes it all to a whole new level.

Christa said...

It's a beautiful piece of art to be donated ... I'm sure the GOABC are grateful for this donation ... hope the auction is successful ... with this piece it should be ...!!! xoxo

Nelvia said...

If you want to leave a comment not on my blogs you can reach me at nelviamcgrath@att,net. Have a few folks I talk offline to and would love to go deeper into some things with you.