Thursday, January 29, 2015

More scribbles and doodles!

Pen ,pencil and colored graphite
I am enjoying my new pencils and doing quick little drawings.I think I will try to fill my journal with lots of little forest creatures.There are things I would change on this little guy but the best part is ,it is just a piece of paper. More bunny doodles and playing with some new pens that my friend Joan lent me to try.


Jane said...

So sweet ! Sounds like a good idea to fill your journal with little animals, you do them so well !

Dagmar said...

Very sweet, I keep telling you, this would make a great story with illustrations for your grandkids just like mom made a story for each one of us! What a treasure this is!!!!

Nelvia said...

I agree with Datmar about the story. Find yourself a writer and collaborate if you need to. Keep,them coming, they are very enjoyable.