Saturday, January 24, 2015

Having fun with graphite pencils

Pen and colored graphite pencils
Doodling,scribbling and just having fun with my new christmas gift .Thanks Gary and Joan for these wonderful colored graphite pencils!It is great playing with a new medium in my watercolor journal.
I have drawn several more, however I am having trouble uploading them to the blog,
So back to more scribbles and doodles.Thanks for stopping by


Dagmar said...

Caroline, you could write a little story around that cute little mouse..what a wonderful gift and how great that more art is flowing off your pencils.❤️❤️

Nelvia said...

Colored Graphite?? I love this little guy,Dagmar is right, this could be the beginning illustration for a children's book!!! Once I get past the 30 day challenge, I'm taking on the girls again. :)

Jane said...

How nice to get new art tools , you are surely making good use of it :-)

hmuxo said...

Your graphite drawing is priceless, Caroline. I hope to see more of these! I would love to start drawing instead of my pastels... something to think about since pastels are so messy. Enjoy the rest of your day!!!