Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Troy and Amanda's Wedding

Troy walking the girls down the aisle

My son Troy and his beautiful bride Amanda
Troy and Amanda at my Dad and Mom's memorial bench

The wedding party, My daughter Kari ,her fiance Rob and our sweet little granddaughter Myla
my nephew Ian and of course our other beautiful granddaughters Jaina and Kharys

My son Troy and his beautiful bride Amanda got married on saturday.  The rain held off and the weather turned out perfect.   Amanda's little girls Jaina and Kharys looked like angels.  Their grandmother Joan made the dresses for the girls and also one for Myla. They were adorable.

It was a wonderful day spent visiting with family and friends. A huge thank-you to Amanda's parents Gary and Joan for hosting the wedding at their home. Thanks to everyone else that helped with the wedding and a special thank-you to my two sisters Dagmar and Evelyne for helping with all the food and the flowers.

I hope this new family is enjoying their honey moon in Yellowstone National Park.
Say hi to yogi the bear from me.


Dagmar said...

What a wonderful day it was for all of us to share. It was honoured to be asked to help out..I thought the photos of the wedding were amazing, of course having such amazing real life models make everything turn out so well.

Nelvia said...

This is absolutely the best, the merging of lives and families. Great pictures of people and backed up by the majesty of mountains. Would you be comfortable if I took a shot at doing the girls? They are such beauties.

hmuxo said...

What beautiful wedding photos!!!
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Such a happy time for all of you!!