Sunday, February 23, 2014

Who's been Chewing!!! Marten on a Moose Antler (Sold)

Someone has been chewing on this antler

My husband Larry and my brother Steven found this antler a couple of years ago and brought it off the mountain for me to paint.It has many  marks on it where some critter had been chewing away on it.It could have been a porcupine, squirrel or maybe a martin!!!I have always wanted to paint a marten so I just decided that he must have been the culprit! I guess you could say I have used my artistic licence.
I have always donated a painting to the Guide and Outfitters convention in Kelowna ,so this year I decided to change it up and send a piece of pottery.It measures 16 inches in diameter and will be sent with a handmade red willow stand.I hope they like it.Thanks for stopping by,


Dagmar said...

I think it is one of your best painting! I love it??the Martin was a fine choice...anyone who wins the bid for your pottery will be one lucky person! Well done sweet talented sister of mine!❤️

Bren Graham Thebeau said...

Such beautiful works, just wonderful

Nelvia said...

I always am tickled when I open up and see what you have painted on now. This turned out so well. Also wow, you pottery is becoming so sophisticated and unique. Just keep going on girl!!!!

Megan Liu said...

well done! great brush work!