Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Time to finish off some paintings!!!

I have been working on a couple of paintings over the summer and now I think it is time to get back at them and finish them off.This little owl peaking out of the barnboard is one of them.
This is what we wake up to yesterday,5 1/2 inches of snow.I think that is as good of a sign as any to stay inside and get painting.
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Nelvia said...

Hi C, this is looking good, and am sure that you didn't have any problems picking him back up to finish. Snow, already??? Is that normal or early for you guys, know the West has gotten hammered in the States early this year. Enjoy your inside things.

Bren Graham Thebeau said...

Love that little owl, he's a winner!
Such a beautiful scene, a world draped in white :-)

Dagmar said...

Oh my goodness, how marvelous..love the little owl and of course the snow! ❤️

Hayden john said...

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Nelvia said...

I just love these, you always find the right picture in the object. This is so cute. After our second ice storm not a fan of the snow picture. I live far from you but looks way too similar!!!
Congrats again on the new baby.