Saturday, May 18, 2013

Emma's puppies and a Baby Owl

Emma...she is such a good Mom!!!

sisterly  Love

Life is such a Yawn!!

Someone always has to be on the top of the heap

Just chilling and relaxing!!!

It is such a beautiful day,I just have to howl!!!
Baby owl
Momma Great horned Owl keeping a watchfull eye from up in the tree

Wow ,the puppies are growing like crazy. Larry and I are really enjoying them, they really are a lot of fun and a lot of work.
Their eyes are now open and the are getting around pretty good,they are also finding out they can  make some noises...Yikees!!!
My friend Ursula phoned me the other day to say that there was a baby owl on the fish hatchery lawn ,if I would like to take some photos.
Larry and I went over right away. Wow what a fluffy little owl ,momma was not to happy about me getting too close so I didn't hang around to long.We are so lucky to live where we do and get to see all the wildlife that is around us.
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Dagmar said...

Good thing I don't live at home in Bull River anymore..I know two ,of those little girls would be coming home with me..they are looking so cute, I can just imagine how much joy and work you and Larry have with them.
The owl photos are wonderful! Happy weekend my sweet sister and Larry!

cindy gibb said...

Boy, are those pups cute! Looking good and healthy and ready to get into mischief!

Nelvia said...

Oh they are all so cutte. Know you have gotten attached, how could you not, just want to pick them up for a hug. The little owl is just so awesome. Isn't nature the best entertainment ever.